Charmless Man

致某人, 我们称呼您为:"装逼".

I met him in a crowded room
Where people go
To drink away their gloom
He sat me down and so began
The story of a charmless man
Educated the expensive way
He knows his claret from his beaujolais
I think he'd like to have been Ronnie Kray
But then nature didn't make him that way

He thinks he's educated, airs those family shares
Will protect him that we will respect him
He moves in circles of friends
Who just pretend that they like him
He does the same to them, and when you put it all together
There's the model of a charmless man

He knows the swingers and their cavalry
Says he can get in anywhere for free
I began to go a little cross eyed
And from this charmless man
I just had to hide

He talks at speed he gets nose bleeds
He doesn't see his days
Are tumbling down upon him
And yet tries so hard to please
He's just so keen for you to listen
But no one is listening
And when you put it all together
There's the model of a charmless man

Coffee & TV

很久没有更新, 上来水水繁荣一下版面.

我现在的心情全部包含在 Blur 的 Coffee & TV 这首歌里了.

Do you go to the country
It isn't very far
There's people there who will hurt you
Cos of who you are
Your ears are full of their language
There's wisdom there you're sure
'Til the words start slurring
And you can't find the door

昨天得到确认, 今年的数学 sub 比去年难了很多, 于是我的心也就放宽了. 而且听说, 原先估计要持续到3, 4月份的心绪不宁的阶段, 应该在2月左右就结束了, 也不知道是好事还是坏事.

下面, 请允许我用多国语言表达一下情绪: MERDA! 草泥马! KURWA MAC! HOLY SHIT! MERDE! Scheiße!

前几天 MacHeist 推出了一个限时免费软件的 bundle, 其中有一个 WriteRoom 非常有意思, 纯文字编辑器, 编辑的时候满屏显示, 大家看是不是有点像黑客帝国.


最近, 复旦的陶猥琐同学借欧巴马访华一举成名, 充分展现了新时期合格的大学生档员和学生干部的精神面貌. 其实, 我觉得这也不能怪他, 他不忠于主人还忠于谁呢? 只是, 这位陶同学的品味实在令人咋舌: "黑丝孕妇轮*奸中出十连发", 好重的口味...当然, 他的智力也是令人无语的, 上黄网还能被人肉出来, 服了...